Car Stuff

Hi. I'm Bill Spohn. I am in Vancouver BC and I run this Rhododendron website, which also gives me the chance to set up a few pages that serve my other hobbies and make it easier to communicate with others about automotive matters (a picture being worth 1000 words etc.)

If you are looking at this, I have probably given you the URL so that we can talk about cars. The links below lead to various subpages with car stuff on them. Some of them lead to PDF documents that may take a minute to load, or depending on your computer, it may choose to be downloaded instead.



CAR PHOTO ALBUM - pictures of various cars I own or have owned

MGA TWIN CAM - grafting a Twin Cam head onto an MGB block

MGA TWIN CAM - flexibly mounting carbs to prevent burnt pistons

JAMAICAN - pics of a Fiberfab bodied MGA restoration

DUNLOP BRAKE   Tuning Article - MGA Twincam

MGC - some pics of our tricarb conversion on an MGC

MGA - fitting an MGB front sway bar - a guide (pdf file)

MGA - fitting MGB front suspension to an MGA

MGA 1962 Mk 2 Coupe Restoration - a re-restoration of a car I've owned for 30 years

TVR - information about the early MG engined cars, and my former race car

HRG - Information on the HRG Derrington crossflow heads for B series BMC engines

PARTS - I am looking for info on this oddball Lucas Coil. Also Dunlop/Sumitomo pics

LAMBORGHINI ISLERO ARTICLE (pdf file) from the Griffin